Welcome to Zond Heating Systems

Zond Heating Systems started with central heating radiator system installations in 2007. Since then we have provided design services, installations and radiator equipment to more than 100 clients ranging from small flats to schools and hospitals.

Central heating radiator systems are relatively new concept in South Africa, yet it is taken for granted in most of Europe and Asia for more than hundred years. Zond Heating Systems offers the best radiator designs and boiler technology through its team of European trained specialists. Let us customise a heating solution to suit your needs and budgets. Contact us to find out more or visit our FAQ page.

Central heating radiator system offers many advantages such as:

  • It is possible to be totally independent of ESKOM and power supply.
  • It is a more cost-effective method of providing heating and hot water than electrical or solar methods.
  • It ensures minimum disruptions as it is very fast to install.
    It is very safe and reliable, ensuring hassle free comfort throughout the year.

As we can provide more than hundred different models and sizes of radiators, we will help you choose the ones that will provide sufficient heat, be of such dimensions that can suit selected position in each room and of such design that will complement your house.


When it comes to boilers, it is important to consider what is the most cost efficient solution for your needs. This is usually determined by your location and availability of fuel in your area. We will advise you on selection of fuel (natural gas, LPG, oil, paraffin) and customise a boiler and storage solution that will suit the selected fuel. And your needs.


When it comes to piping, there are number of criteria to be considered. For example, you can choose to have exposed copper piping that will give your house industrial or old style home, or you can choose to hide piping in walls, under the floors etc. Also, we will help you choose a pipe cladding in order to reduce the heat losses.


We prefer to do installation ourselves, as we have teams that work under supervision of experts who have been installing central heating systems in Europe. Their combined experience is measured in decades. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with your installer, we will provide a basic training and help with an advice and design.